About Us

About the brand

What does Hope Is Famous mean? It means that everyone has hope and that hope is popular. Our brand's meaning is toward the dreamers that take action to achieve their goals. 

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was fixated on creating something due to the spare time I had, but I didn't know what to create! At 16 years old I have created this brand in hopes to spread my message and help others keep having hope during hard times. 

Because I have always been involved in competitive sports, hard-ass coaches and challenges during my childhood, I have deep knowledge, thoughts and messages to share and the best way was to create a brand. I feel that my message to spread hope can relate to not only athletes but it also represents religious people, people that have suffered from racism, bullying, and people with big goals/aspirations.

Allow me to introduce myself

I am Nathan MonPremier founder and owner of HopeIsFamous Clothing brand. I am currently 18 years old and I am passionate about my brand.

All athletes/models that represent my brand on the website and Instagram page @Hopeisfamous are some of my friends and ex-teammates. I have always played sports in my childhood, I can't live without being in the gym!

From basket-ball to competitive hockey to soccer, lacrosse, swimming, football to track i have built many connections with athletes and coaches and I am using it to my advantage for them to represent my brand.



I Handcraft Every Product

I am equipped with the equipment required for heat press vinyl Tees and Pullovers and other vinyl heat press products. I start with a blank canvas and I get my plain products online. I take my time during the handcrafting process and I make sure that the lettering is centered and measured. I work from my home in Ottawa, Ontario in my basement and love what I do.


My Goal With HopeIsFamous

My initial goal is to encourage and motivate a group of people to accomplish their goals on a day-to-day basis. I love to teach and inspire and my goal is to become a role model.

My more long-term goal is to turn it into a 6-7 figure business and open a physical store within the next 5-10 years.


This Comes From The Heart

I am in love with my brand and every time I see someone wearing HopeIsFamous, it brings me so much happiness. The feeling of knowing that I have inspired someone is what I strive for and it keeps me motivated. I have brought together so many old friends and made new friends along the way during photoshoots and videos. I am blessed to have the tools at my reach to be able to create products and I thank God to give me the ability to be able to work in the comfortability of my own home. 





Thankyou for reading this far and checking out my brand. I hope that it represents you and that you can wear HopeIsFamous with pride!



-Nathan MonPremier HopeIsFamous CEO




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