About Us

The DNA of Hopeisfamous is simple: it’s about supplying the world with hope through apparel. Hopeisfamous acknowledges the damages and the obstacles people face because of injustices in the world and we aim to strike a sense of hope in people to inspire a better tomorrow. Flourished in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020, Nathan MonPremier listened to his peers that were dissatisfied with the limitations that the pandemic had brought upon us. He noticed common trends of people saying ‘’I hope this pandemic is over soon’’ and ‘’I hope we get to travel and get back to normal soon’’ and it sparked an idea in him. Nathan told his peers simply to ‘’hope’’ that we would be free again from the pandemic and he recognized that this inspired people to change their way of thought. He aimed to get people to think from ‘’Today and yesterday was not a good day’’ to ‘’Tomorrow or in a couple of days, we will have a good day’’.

From there, Nathan wanted to expand his message of ‘’hope’’ to more people. Then, Hopeisfamous was born. He realized that the most efficient and the most visually appealing way to spread his message was on a t-shirt. The first Hopeisfamous t-shirt was born using a heat-press and vinyl cutting machine he got from his dad. People quickly resonated with the brand and it became a conversation starter. Hopeisfamous clothing allows you to open your eyes to a better tomorrow and spread that message to others around you. To wear Hopeisfamous is like being a beacon of positivity and it's contagious. Hopeisfamous - Clothing the world with hope.