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Salvation Army Annual Donations

Spreading Hope - Salvation Army January 03, 2022 May Strutt   A teenager in Ottawa, ON is spreading hope in his community, in more ways than one. Nathan Monpremier started his clothing brand, Hope is Famous, with the goal of spreading hope in 2020 during the pandemic. Now, he’s making a community donation drive in support of The Salvation Army Thrift Store an annual Christmas tradition – collecting an incredible 50 bags of gently used clothing to donate to the Orleans Thrift Store this past Christmas.   “I was honoured to collect clothing from my community and give back to The Salvation Army,” Nathan says. “I was glad to be part of that. The Salvation Army has always been a...

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The Science & Power of Hope

What is Hope? Hope is a way of thinking. Because it's a way of thinking, it can be taught. Hope is the belief that your future can be better than today and that you have the power to make it so. Hope goes beyond optimism because Hope is about taking action to pursue a goal. Hope derives from the combination of two components, physical and mental. First, (A) are pathways. Pathways or roadmaps refer to an individual’s problem solving capabilities. It is the capability of finding a new route around an obstacle from setting a goal and figuring out a path to determine how you will arrive. Second is (B) agency. The agency component is the willpower, the motivation and...

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Orleans Star: Young Entrepreneur Launches Own Apparel Brand

Young entrepreneur launches own apparel brand - Orleans StarFred SherwinJan. 21, 2022 Nathan MonPremier didn’t let a little thing like a global pandemic or the fact that he was just starting business classes at Algonquin College stop him from launching his own business in the spring of 2020.   The 18-year-old Béatrice-Desloges grad had an idea to start an promotional apparel business and he had a name to go along with it – “Hope is Famous”. The name sprung from how MonPremier was feeling during the first few months of the pandemic. “I was fixated on creating something due to all the spare time I had at the beginning of the pandemic. Then I started thinking that the one thing...

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